About us

Who are the Celver Action

The Celver Action was formed in 2008 to think and create innovative solutions with economic, social and environmental potential in the sustainability area to satisfy emerging needs and desires on the market.

The strategy of the company development is sustained up on Management Policy with Business Vision structured on criteria and systems that potentiate rigor, technical-scientific excelence, economy and sustainability

How Clever Action operates

- The Clever Action interacts with the market to identify emerging problems, needs or desires to create solutions to solve them, asking the cooperation of potential beneficiaries to know their expectations, collaborat in the formulation of funcional and tecnical requirements and to develop them together.

- The Clever Action idealizes and selects the solutions, investigating the stage of the art and technique, researching the applicables sciences and promoting Technical and Economic Studies to evaluate its technical and economic feasibility, effectiveness and efficiency.

- The Clever Action forms working teams for conceive and develop the solutions, using the internal competences and capabilities and establishing strategic cooperation with Scientific Institutions and Technical Companies specialized.

- The Clever ActionTests the solutions in real performance, evaluating its operability, functionality, productivity and competitiveness and promoting their incorporation, following, monitoring  and making continuous reengineering of optimization.

Values of Clever Action


The inoovation are our products.

The Clever Action invests all knowledge, intelligence and creativity in constant search for products, processes and technologies to satisfy needs and desires of the Market.

Ethics and Integrity

The Integrity and Ethics are confidence and loyalty guarantee o Clever Action

Integrity and Ethics are the code of conduct of Clever Action for merit the reliability and fidelity of people and markets.

The Clever Action guarantees to respect ethic and deontological principles in their research and development activity.

Quality Commitment

The Quality is the certainty of Clver Action trade mark

The Clever Action is committed to ensure the quality on the services, products processes and technologies that she develops, surmounting if possible all expectations.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is the beacon of Clever Action activity

Environmental sustainability is for Clever Action a basic principle for their activity.


The Mission of Clever Action

The Clever Action has the mission to Congregate and Monetize their intelligent assets and the values of scientific society to satisfy needs and desires of the market and the economy, always, surmount the excellence and reliability requested.

To Do more and better in favor of the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability is the mission of Clever Action.

Clever Action strengths

Knowledge, Experience and Competence

The Clever Action has Experience and Qualifications that guarantees excellence and reliability of their solutions.

The Clever Action is formed by a team of Managers and Collaborators with Superior and multidisciplinary Qualification and recognized Competence and Experience in the areas of Engineering product conception and development, Bioenergy, Bioengineering, Agronomy, Environment, Structures, Materials, Robotics, Mechanical, Electromechanical, Thermodynamics, Fluids, Electronics, Automation and Control, Metrology and Life Science.

Vocation, Motivation and Ambition

The Clever Action has on overcoming of challenges and expectations the basis of their vocation, motivation and ambition.

The Clever Action has a Team of Technicians with profiles, capabilities, skills, wills as well as fundamental and specific interests to develop and share new knowledge, challenges and effectives and efficients solutions for better economy and life of companies and people in absolute respect and safeguarding the sustainability.

Team Spirit

The Clever Action has their BEING on their Spirit Team.

The pro-active synergy generated by their multidisciplinary knowledge, competence and experience, based on principles, values and practices of corporation, congregation, cooperation and co-responsibility imposed by current R&D Manegement System are the garantee of Clever Action effectiveness and proficiency.

Technical and Scientific Culture

The Clever Action has in the Rigor and Positivity the pillars of their technical and scientific culture.

The positive formulation and interpretation of sciences applicables on the solutions as the metadology of experimentation and validation progressive of requirements and objectives on solutions development are the working codes of Clever Action.

Communication and Interaction

The Clever Action has in the Communication and Interaction established with her enveloping medium the warranty of the productivity and competitiveness of their innovation.

The Communication and Interaction with the market to identify investment opportunities, to solve problems, and to monitorize satisfation degree of critical mass concerning the solutions proposed are the key indicators for assessing and recognition of Company work.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

The Clever Action has in the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Innovation the guarantee of heir success.

The constant search of surmounting with effectiveness and efficiency the expectations of the beneficiaries of our solutions, corresponding by quickly, agilely and globally way at the most different applications in various market areas are the reason of the Market confidance on Clever Action.

The Vision of Clever Action

The Clever Action want be a global reference in the production of sustainable innovation.

What offers Clever Action

- Industrial and Commercial Concession Licenses of Patent

- Products, Processes and Technology By Ordering.

- Services of Innovation productive, technical, technological or processing.