BIOSUBSTRATPOT - New planting functional substrat

What is the "BIOSUBSTRATPOT"? and what is it for?


The "BIOSUBSTRATPOT" is a new functional plant substrate, compact, hydrophilic, spongy and 100% biodegradable, produced in modules acoplables, which simultaneously functions as a substrate and container (pot), replacing the current planting techniques and practices of plants productio outside soil, based on substrates + vase.



What is it composition ?


"BIOSUBSTRATPOT" is a biopolymeric natural substrat, 100% biodegradable,, componded by, at least, 70% of vegetable biowaste, biofertilizers and biopesticides and 30% of PU foam, produced with natural oils.




How does it apply?


- The seeds, cuttings or other reproductive organs are placed in the reproduction cube. Subsequently, depending on the state of development of the plants, are increased /coupleded, subsequently modules of the BIOSUBSTRATPOT (substratic increment).

- The irrigation and fertilization programs are realized according to the needs and cycles of plants in production.


What are the advantages?

- It reduces the consumption of water significantly (+ 50%) and fertilizers, through greater biodynamic efficiency

- It protects the root system of high and low temperatures and of situations of anaerobiosis, trought the greater balance and faster drainage of liquid excess.


- It allows to realize by  easy, fast and efficient way the operations of transplanting, by coupling new modules, as well as, the incoproration of the plants in the soil, avoiding the usual stress situation verified with the current techniques and practices.

- It replaces the use of unsustainable materials (plastic pots and others) in the current productive techniques and  practices on outeside soil  plants production.

- It allows more efficiency in the processes of induction and management of cycles and biological times, reducing, at least, 1/3 of production times

- It reduces, significantly, the costs with raw and subsidiary materials and operational times.


What are the Standard Models?

- Kit with customizable measures till 160x160mm.